Film and film installation. Kiasma collection. Helsinki City Art Museum 2000, Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh” in St Petersburg 2000, Momentum in Moss, Norway 2000, Inova in Milwaukee 2001.

The film shows two men and a woman moving around in private and public spaces remembering and reflecting on past personal events. They speak either Finnish or English with an accent (German or Finnish). Two important places and public spaces in the narrative of the film are a book shop and a closed Japanese interior design shop. 

The plot is replaced by an endless series of conversations and charged situations. The piece deals with the boundary experiences of an individual. It is built as a whole from the video´s characters, places of events and narrated stories. The conversation between the three actors in the work relates the concept of “talking together”. The characters work together to relate shared experience. Boundaries between “I” and “Other” also confuse gender roles. 

The work benefits from the possibility in the Finnish language to leave the gender of the speaker unresolved. The gender gets constructed in the context of the sentences that follow up each other.

The film brings the things and sounds which already surround us into the fore. It uses careful, but restless and sweeping camera movements, and by depicting sounds and spaces that are never stitched together. The aim is to highlight the randomness of events, sounds and sceneries around us. There is thus a respect for the other, for the material, for the enigmatic in the film.

Producer: Petomaani Oy. Camera: Heikki Färm. Music and sound design:  Timo Muurinen. Actors: Robin Svartström, Florian Roithmayr and Hanne Ivars.

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