Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki 1993. Kiasma collection. Design Museum Helsinki 1995. Airport – 7, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport 1993.

The installation consists of a billboard, a text animation, a futon bed, couches, chairs and three illuminated panels; wrapped in transparent plastic. The objects are designed by Stefan Lindfors and produced by Skanno, a company specialising in design furniture and fittings. The illuminated panels with fictitious information on Lindfors are placed on the floor, leaning onto the aluminium-framed, padded sofas. The advertisement-like panels create a sort of halo around the masterpiece of a star designer. The plastic cover, the seemingly temporary placement of the panels and the electric cords lying about under the sofa create an appearance of being unfinished.

In the work there is the idea of the constructivist nature of language, according to which language and its practices not only describe the world but also designate, construct and regenerate reality. The myth of the artist as a personality – in this case Stefan Lindfors – is thus constructed not only through his own works but also interviews, advertising and criticism. The imaginary interview, which has been read and approved by Lindfors as part of the work, is partially based on quotes from rock magazines and partially made up. 

(The text is based on an interview by Minna Raitmaa in Kiasma-magazine: 10 – 01)

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