(10 minutes video)


The principal character of the video is Lauofi Nasreddine, an Algerian man. He is trying to meet for the first time his two-year-old daughter living in Finland.  The daughter’s mother doesn’t want Nasreddine to see his child. On the video, he keeps repeating: “I have done a lot to see you.” 

On the video, Laoufi Nasreddine tells about his life in Finland and about his journey from Algeria that brought him into the Konnunsuo Detention Unit. During his stay there, Nasreddine filmed a video diary on his mobile phone. Sometimes he also danced on his own in the detention unit.

The video of Laoufi is part of a series of works where I asked  he refugees themselves what they would like to tell us and what they want to talk about. There is no one single type of asylum seeker in detention centers, but people from different cultures who do not share the same values and attitudes. It is extremely challenging to act in such circumstances, to discuss, describe and share your own thinking with others or for a camera. 

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